Information overload is real. We are bombarded with things to do, things to ask someone about, and things to remember, and it comes at us from multiple sources. How do you handle incoming information while keeping important things from falling through the cracks? How do you choose what is essential and worthy of your attention and what is trivial and should be ignored?

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity
Everyone seems to have their own take on information management, but many people have based parts of their approach on the ideas of David Allen. In this book, he walks you through getting control of your stuff, establishing a workflow for dealing with stuff as it comes in, and setting up systems that will remind you later so you aren’t walking around with a todo list in your head. As Allen says: Your mind is a great place to have ideas, but a terrible place to manage them. If you are still walking around with a head full of “stuff” that you have your attention on, don’t be surprised if you’re not reaping the fruits of your labors.